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Logo-site Created in 2020 by two young Togolese, AKLAB is a company specializing in the field of IT, more precisely in the web.

The idea of ​​founding such a company came from this observation: "In our country Togo, websites are not yet what they should be and most of the companies that have them do not know how to profit from them" .

When you visit the websites of most companies, you get the impression that Managers think that all you need is a website and then that's good. We can now sleep peacefully and expect tremendous returns on investment. The more the days go by and the more they see nothing coming in terms of revenue for the company despite its presence on the world wide web (web), the euphoria quickly subsides and they start by thinking that the investment to hoist his business on the world web is just a mess. And as proof, after a year, the site disappears because the Managers have understood that they must stop this mess by refusing to renew the hosting. This decision is still justified because they think "If our website can not help us increase our turnover, however, and above all, may it not be an additional burden for us".

We created our company AKLAB in order to put our competence in website creation but also in professional natural referencing at the service of companies in our country in particular and those of the whole world in general although we also develop desktop and mobile applications.

Aware that in today's world, websites constitute effective and even essential means in all sectors of socio-economic life, AKLAB's vision is to accompany companies in their project to have a site web by providing them with everything they need to make their dreams become reality. And this reality for AKLAB is that the website may no longer be a burden for the company but a means to boost its turnover.