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Developpment of custom desktop (Windows) and mobile (Android and iOS) applications (according to the customer's needs) with cutting-edge and adapted tools and languages.

In a rapidly changing world, technology has not remained on the sidelines and is everywhere and therefore present in our everyday life. So, in almost everything we do, it is possible to approach a knowledgeable company such as AKLAB to have an application or system that meets its needs.

In order to support you in your daily life, AKLAB is at your disposal to design custom applications, whether desktop (installable on PC) and mobile (installable on your smartphones), well suited to your needs in order to facilitate you the management of your shop, your stocks, your sales, the management of educational establishments in all its aspects, to name but a few among others.

Your company can develop a reliable, secure and simple system for you to remotely control your activities in order to avoid leaks.

Using apps today has benefits like reducing the time it takes to accomplish a given task that we are used to doing, but also makes things easier to do with more perfection.

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Is it just a business?

Created in 2020 by two young Togolese, AKLAB is a company specializing in the field of IT, more precisely in the web. [Read more]

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