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Recovery of data lost after reinstalling your PC or formatting your flash drive or memory card.

Ah, there are many who cry and may cry again. They are the ones who have lost data that is dear to them following the reinstallation of their computer, or the formatting of their memory card.

Now it's all about choice. You can decide to keep crying or decide to stop crying by just contacting your AKLAB company.

Student, have you lost your internship report, your thesis, your thesis? Do not worry. Just contact AKLAB to get your smile back.

Individuals, executives, company managers, your activity reports, quotes and other important data that you have lost after reinstalling your PC or formatting your memory card can be recovered. You just have to make the right decision and make the right choice by contacting your AKLAB company.

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Is it just a business?

Created in 2020 by two young Togolese, AKLAB is a company specializing in the field of IT, more precisely in the web. [Read more]

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