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Solutions tailored to your business needs.

AKLAB designs tailor-made solutions adapted to your professional needs and above all in accordance with the realities of our region.

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Mobile and desktop applications

Developpment of custom desktop (Windows) and mobile (Android and iOS) applications (according to the customer's needs) w...

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Our courses

Interesting training such as getting to know your operating system (Windows, linux, etc.), Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ...

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Infographic and multimedia

A company needs communication to make its products and services known to the public and images are essential elements fo...

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The importance of infographics for a business

The importance of infographics for a business

According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, computer graphics is the field of computer-aided digital image creation. It is therefore necessary to wonder about the importance of...

How to know you are spied on?

How to know you are spied on?

If yesterday common sense was the most shared thing in the world, today that seems to have changed, or at least in the process. Spy has grown to unbelievable proportions and many e...

Everything evolves, websites too

Everything evolves, websites too

In 1991, the world wide web only recorded one website, but very quickly there has been a kind of boom on the web. Looks like websites sprout up like mushrooms after a rain. Beyond ...