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According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, computer graphics is the field of computer-aided digital image creation. It is therefore necessary to wonder about the importance of computer graphics in a business.

Today more than yesterday, no business can evolve without social media. It is the perfect place for people to meet and to entertain. This is also where companies can make themselves known, promote their products and services. However, how do you go about it?

It passes by a communication adapted to the web and social networks which requires knowledge of the behavior of Internet users (targets). As said before, on the internet and more specifically on social media, people don't come to read "novels", it's just for entertainment. So, posting long texts on social networks, you have to be sure that you have done everything you need to ensure that Internet users do not read them, and therefore your efforts will not bear any fruit. You need a communication that is funny, attractive and fascinating. This is the really matter of pictures. Indeed, when one uses images to convey a message, it passes more easily and with more success than by a text. According to studies conducted by photojournalist Paul Martin Lester, the data contained in an infographic is retained at 80% against 20% for the information contained in a classic text.

Especially on social networks, Internet users are in a hurry and hostile to long and boring texts. However, they are easily attracted to a beautiful image, a video. Fascinated, they can now take the time to read the information the image conveys. And this is where computer graphics fit into business.

In a world where viral marketing (social media marketing) has taken off, businesses can't do without computer graphics. You need them to create the right images to make corporate communication effective in order to convert internet users into customers.

Moreover, the importance of infographics to a business is not limited to social media, but beyond. Indeed, it is the computer graphics designer who designs communication media such as prospectuses, business cards, posters, etc. If we really want to face the competition and give ourselves all the means to secure a comfortable market share, the position of the computer graphics designer is not the least that we can neglect.

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