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Everything evolves, websites too

Everything evolves, websites too

 Publié le 21/05/2021 |  0 Comment

In 1991, the world wide web only recorded one website, but very quickly there has been a kind of boom on the web. Looks like websites sprout up like mushrooms after a rain. Beyond their exponential increase in number, many things have also changed concerning their functionality. Yesterday we talked about static sites whose content hardly changes and dynamic sites whose content changes constantly. But today, we can say "static sites" have bowed out leaving the field open now to dynamic sites alone.

A dynamic site is any site whose content changes and which has an administration where updates and corrections to existing pages and articles can be made or added or even deleted. These sites can be created with content managers like wordPress, joomla, spip among others or in proper code without using these content managers. We have long time suffered from the slowness of some websites, especially in countries where the connection speed is still low. But today, in the website creation domains also, we can realise an improvement that is to be congratulated, particulary the emergence of sites that can be qualified as "hyper-fast" like the company Basileia one: Please pay attention to the loading time of web pages when browsing the site and compare this loading time to that of most websites you are used to visiting.

The loading time has become a very important element with Internet users. Most of them don't like to wait for web pages that take longer than a second to display. So, if you hope to keep people on your website so that they can find out your products and services in order to convert them into customers of your business, you should not ignore these almost insignificant details but very crucial for the popularity of your website. These hyper-fast websites have the advantage of appearing every time the user clicks, even if his connection is not high-speed.

Your website too can be so fast; you have just to reach out those with that skill, real IT companies even here in Togo and all over Africa. There are many who can create a website, but few of them know the requirement of the web and care about your investments.

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