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We remember the message that WhatsApp displayed to its users in its app on the phone regarding the update of its terms of service. Faced with the outcry that this message sparked, WhatsApp had to go back and postpone the entry into force of this new condition of use in May 2021. WhatsApp had justified the postponement of the entry into force of this new condition of use by the fact that he was going to use this time to explain how and what information from WhatsApp was going to be exchanged with Facebook.

Thus since February 18, 2021, WhatsApp has published on its blog additional information on this new condition of use.

In this new condition of use, what changes is the possibility of now being able to discuss with companies, ask questions to a company about its products or services or to obtain certain information. However, this option remains optional and you can remove a company from your contact list.

As for what does not change: your contacts will not be shared with Facebook, nor your personal discussions which will remain encrypted from end to end in order to preserve their confidential character. Likewise you keep the possibility of controlling who can put you in a group.

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