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According to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, an application or an application or an app is, in the computer field, a program (or a set of software) directly used to perform a task, or a set of elementary tasks of a same domain or forming a whole.

What will an application be used for for a company in its daily activities?

A company has tasks to perform for its departments: coordinate sales, manage human resources, manage logistics, manage accounting. For a long time companies have used methods that they found effective yesterday. However, today with the evolution of technology, we have more clearly effective means than those used yesterday.

This is the importance of desktop (for PC) and mobile applications. Indeed, it is now possible to have a tailor-made application designed that can be used to manage your school from staff to the establishment of student report cards through class management, management. materials and accounting including staff payroll among others.

To manage your store, for example, you can have a custom application developed to manage purchases, sales, stocks, deliveries, orders, customers, and even credits if you sell on credit. Such an application can automatically alert you when critical stock for any product is reached in order to order that product (s) to avoid stockouts. In addition, these applications can alert you to the delivery times of your customers. All these aspects mentioned are interesting for a company to be able to retain its customers and avoid that its customers turn to its competitors because they are disappointed.

These same applications are able to give you the recap of the day; for each product sold, the quantity sold and the one that remains, what this represents in terms of turnover, release your margin or your profits, take stock of the various movements (entries and exits) to thus release the balance of the day. The same application can give you a summary of monthly sales, orders, expenses for the month including company staff payroll.

These apps make selling easier for you. Indeed, it is enough to choose the products that the customer wants, to inform the quantity of each product and the invoice is thus made to the customer. Now we no longer need to issue a physical document in which someone has to write by hand the name of the different products that the customer wants and do the calculations with all the errors that this can cause as well as the time that that can take.

It should be noted that everything we have just discussed can be done from a desktop application, that is to say installed on a computer. However, it is possible to synchronize this desktop application with a mobile application that allows the first manager of the company to know in real time everything that is done in his company in terms of entries and exits even if he is traveling. .

These are some of the benefits that technology gives us to make it even easier for us every day. And business leaders cannot decide to stay on the sidelines of the incredible benefits of using apps by continuing with yesterday's obsolete methods and seeking to be competitive even nationally, much less internationally. international scale.

“Everything is changing and we have to live with the times,” Seydou Badian said in his book Under the Storm. This vision of this writer is more relevant than ever and constitutes a piece of advice for companies today that should not be overlooked in order to achieve their goals.

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