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Also called community animator, or community manager or community manager (CM), is a profession - community animation, community management, or community management - which consists in animating and federating communities on the Internet on behalf of 'a company, a brand, a celebrity, an institution or a local authority according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The role of a community manager is to ensure the e-reputation of a product or a brand, promote exchanges between fans of this product or brand and ensure its notoriety.

The profession of community manager began on Facebook when this social network was far ahead of the others. Today, this profession has left its cradle to spread to other competing social networks and especially to those of videos, especially YouTube.

Over the years, these social networks have come to dominate the business world. In January 2020, it is estimated that more than 4.5 billion Internet users worldwide according to the 2020 Internet & Mobile Trends and Figures. They have become the meeting place par excellence for Internet users and allow people so far away to remain the more possible in contact and to federate them around a common ideal. This is what makes the world today a global village. Therefore, companies should not neglect this important and efficient way to maintain their brand with their community, hence the importance of community managers. The missions of a communty manager are:

  • Foster exchanges within communities
  • Federate communities
  • Develop the brand image within communities
  • Keep and maintain a good e-reputation
  • Optimizing the technical management of e-reputation

Community management is essential for a business because social networks have become powerful and essential means of communication for businesses because of the large number of Internet users they attract and can be used to make a difference from the competition.

In light of what we have just mentioned as the mission of a community manager, we can clearly see that companies need these services in order to be able to achieve their objectives and, above all, to extend their area of ​​influence far from their borders. For this, decision-makers can entrust the management of the presence of their brand or product or company to structures specializing in community management such as AKLAB.

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