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The National Association of People with Albinism in Togo (ANAT) was created in March 2012 on the initiative of Souradji OURO-YONDOU, a person with albinism (PAA) who was marked by two observations: on the one hand, the majority of the AIPs he met were walking in the sun without being aware of the danger they were incurring and on the other hand, the stigmatization that these people suffered everywhere in society. He then decided to share the idea of creating an association with one of his friends, Nassirou BOUKARI who is also a PAA. Determined and supported by their respective families, the two friends, at the time students at the University of Lomé, mobilized their peers around them and ANAT was officially born on March 3, 2012 following a general assembly. constitutive.

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Created in 2020 by two young Togolese, AKLAB is a company specializing in the field of IT, more precisely in the web. [Read more]

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