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By social network, we mean an arrangement of links between individuals or organizations forming a community and today it is simply social media that allow exchanges between members of a community.

According to data compiled and published in April 2020 by the agency We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 3.96 billion Internet users on social networks. According to the same source, those who hold the upper hand are Facebook (2.701 billion active users per month) followed by YouTube (more than 2 billion) followed by WhatsApp (more than 2 billion) then comes Messenger (more than '1.3 billion) WeChat / Weixin (1.203 billion) then Instagram (1.082 billion) to mention only the top 6 in the ranking.

On social networks, it is easy to create a page for your business, which page is easy to manage. They allow us easily and in record time to increase the visibility of our company, our brand, our product or service.

However, their disadvantage is that even if we say that they are free, they are not so far because if we want to boost its publication, we are obliged to spend because beyond the free that we are praised, they are paid advertising platforms to reach a large world.

The tool you use does not belong to you, you do not have the ability to customize your content to your liking, including formatting.

Plus, you can't overpower your community.

Just like social media, websites also have drawbacks and advantages.

A website is a collection of pages that can be viewed by following hyperlinks within. In June 2020, there are no less than 1.78 billion websites in the world!

Unlike social networks, here everything is yours. You have the possibility to customize everything to your taste, the layout, the design as a whole.

However, the downside is that websites are not easy to create. This always generates costs that must be borne.

Ultimately, above all, for a company it is not a question of knowing which of the two - website and social networks - to choose but to give itself the means to achieve its objectives. Indeed, between social networks and website, there is rather a relation of complementarity. As a business we must communicate about its products and services. The website is the ideal forum to provide all the necessary information. And so that this information can reach the target, we have to resort to social networks where we cannot give all the details but use visuals, in particular images and presentation videos to attract Internet users to our website which is the source of the information as a whole. In short, we send the "bait" information to social media to draw people to our website where they can find all the details they need to convert them into customers for the business. This is why companies have their website but also social networks.

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