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Today in this business world, sites are more and more essential. Any business wants to carve out a place for itself on the web and often free website creation solutions are emerging, including web content management systems. Most entrepreneurs find themselves confused as to whom to entrust with the creation of their website. Should we use a webmaster? Again, which webmaster, what are the basic elements that I need to base the choice of the one or the structure to entrust with the creation of my website so as not to be disappointed? This article will tell you about the basics that are needed for a good website to function, a guarantee of a good site that can meet expectations.

Many developers or webmasters use Content Management Systems in the creation of their websites. We call Content Management Systems (CMS), a family of software intended for the design and dynamic updating of websites or multimedia applications according to the encyclopedia in Wikipedia online. The most used are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and SPIP. They have the advantage of making the job very easy and reducing the time of site creation. Their downside is that they sometimes make the site load a bit slow because of the large number of system-specific files to load before the site.

However, creating a clean code website requires a real webmaster who is knowledgeable in the field and takes a little more time to develop the website. However, at the end of the day, you get a site that loads quickly because it does not embed unnecessary files and offers the possibility of integrating more application logic. It should be noted that the loading time of a website is a determining factor in obtaining enough visits. A site that takes time to load will scare Internet users away.

Nowadays, there are more mobile users, that is to say those who browse the internet from a mobile (5.15 billion according to figures compiled by the agency We Are Social and Hootsuite (April 2020) and published on the blogdumoderateur.com website). It is therefore essential that his website be adapted to mobile devices. We then speak of a responsive site. This type of site is designed and developed so as to be able to adapt to all screen resolutions including computers, smartphones and tablets. It is therefore necessary that the webmaster to whom you entrust the creation of your website can have these skills so that your website can have an optimal display on mobiles so as not to discourage mobile users.

Above all that we have developed so far, the aspect of visitor numbers matters. Here in Togo, this is the bitter experience that students are subjected to when they register online at the university of Lomé  registration site. How many are these students who register on the site of this university? Fewer than 50,000 students and the site can't cope and crashes every time. Let us remember in passing that Facebook and google are also websites and yet receive millions of visitors a day without our realizing it. Today web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth to allow the sites they host to support unlimited number of visitors.

To avoid these unfortunate and very disgusting experiences to which the students of the "Land of our ancestors" are subjected every year, it suffices to make the choice of a good host and moreover the developer in his work should take appropriate measures. It should be noted that if a website on good hosting crashes when there are a lot of visitors, then the developer's responsibility is engaged.

In summary, we must remember that it is important to choose the one to whom we entrust the creation of its website and especially to ensure that the latter has all the skills required so that the work at the end can meet the expectations.

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