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Many people have a bad idea of ​​what a site is, how to use it, and most importantly, when the site becomes profitable.

When talking to some people who ask us to create a website for them, we quickly realize that what they need is not necessarily a website.

Indeed, the person tells you: "I sell such products and I want to have a website to promote them and allow my customers to discover my products". The idea is great in itself but a little out of touch with reality. For him, once his website has been created and his products and services published, everyone is automatically alerted and can easily go to his site to discover them. Of course, this is possible if you opt for paid referencing, for example, among others. Unfortunately whoever has this idea has barely planned what is necessary for the creation of the site and always brings up budgetary constraints.

We would like to draw your attention to an important aspect. A website that goes live is not easily accessible. You must enter the site name or domain name in the address bar of the browser to access it.


But how many Internet users know your domain name and enter it faithfully in the address bar of a browser to be taken to your website to discover your products? That's the whole problem.

When you create your website, you have to work on your visibility in search engines. Indeed, approximately 90% of Internet users arrive on your website by search engines, in particular google, bing baidu, yandex, etc. Working on the visibility of your website is like doing your SEO so that the pages of your site can appear in the first results of search engines. Website visit statistics have shown that being in the results of the first google search page is not yet a guarantee that your site will be visited by the Internet user. You should be in the top results as shown in the image below.


Fews are the Internet users who will scroll this first page to speak of the results which appear on the second, third and following pages. How can a site which occupies such a position be visited?

How can someone who wants everyone or almost everyone to be alerted to their daily publications once their site is online without any SEO work not be disappointed? This is not possible.

For such a person, we advise them to use social media instead.

It is a little disturbing to see today people who propose the creation of website and do not tell the truth about the outline of such a project and who, worse still make them believe that once the site is put online, that would be it. They only target what the customer will pay them for the creation of the site and the rest is no longer their business.

For our part, our vision is not only to create websites, but to make your dreams come true.

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