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Having a website these days is no longer a big deal. However, it is also not negligible the effort that must be put into designing a quality one. So is a free website possible?

There are many services on the web that offer you to create for you or with you a website quickly and without knowledge of the programming code. Among these solutions, we can cite: Wix, Google Sites, Over blog… to name but a few. All these sites (yes, they are also sites) accompany you throughout your creation. They even provide you with a domain name for free. But the question that can be asked is: why do people then continue to entrust the creation of their website to professionals in the field?


Free website creation solutions give you limited possibilities, sometimes not very credible. For the most part, it's a way to showcase their products and services through the interface we offer you. This is why you will see ads scrolling all the way through your site that have nothing to do with your content; which can overwhelm your efforts to promote yourself. Because a visitor to your site can be redirected to another through a popup that opens automatically. For the more credible of them, you will be entitled to only one page. Depending on your skills, you can take advantage of it by making AJAX content (content that loads without changing page or refreshing the browser). This is the case with Google Site and Wix. And if you are completely unfamiliar with it, you find yourself compelled to turn to online content managers such as WordPress. The latter offers you to write code if you can.

In view of all the above, can you still use an online service to create your site? And what are the consequences?

Online services help you market yourself (and their products and services) by providing space on their hosting servers. This can be useful for someone whose only goal is to appear in search engines, especially Google. Then the site you are going to create will include your presentation, your products and services, a gallery and a contact form or a request for a quote. This description is a typical example of Google site. After a few more steps, you will make yourself known on the net. But is it enough for a company?

Online site creation is good for individuals whose products are in small quantities and whose management is not yet difficult to maintain. But the solution will very quickly become limited for you as your business grows. You are going to need the means to gauge your product stocks, advanced statistical tools. You will start to face a real problem when your visitors become more and more numerous. This is where having your site created by AKLAB becomes your preference.

AKLAB creates your website with clean code in order to optimize the loading of pages as much as possible and thus facilitate exploration for visitors. Your site is completely personalized to your tastes and the work is delivered on short notice. Trust AKLAB and you will not be disappointed.

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