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Providing your business with a website should not be a simple project and should be well thought out and well matured. Today, it is legion to see many companies whose websites disappear after a year. It is worth considering the reasons that led to this.

Why do you want to create a website for your business? This is a question worth asking. Indeed, we realize that some company managers have decided to create a website for their structure because some of their friends did it. For others, it is because they assume that business is good for others because they have a website. This is the main motivation on which they base their project to provide their business with a website. For them, the sure path to success is thus found. You have to get started quickly so as not to miss out on cheap and certain success.

These are mistakes you should never make when you're in charge of a business.

Providing a business with a site today is a noble and laudable ambition. However, like any project, it needs to be well thought out, think through it carefully, and develop it over a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately, those who embark on it lightly with unfounded motivation like those mentioned above quickly realize that they were wrong just a few months after the launch of their company's site because the long-awaited success is lacking. always there.

Their big mistake is that for them, once the creation of the website is finished and hosted, it's over, nothing more to do; we fold our arms and wait impatiently. So now is where the hard part begins. We must work on the visibility of the site in order to propel it in the first results of search engines. Careful work that should be left to those who know it because it is the best way to attract visitors to your site to discover your products and services, which visitors can convert into your customers. This is when you can profit from your website.

For those who think their investment stops once the site is live, they are not making any profit. On the contrary, it is rather an additional charge because after a year they will have to renew the hosting, which they refuse to do and which leads to the disappearance of their website. Looks like the company once had a website. And what happened in the meantime? Here is the pot of roses. So, as a saying goes, "Like you make your bed, like you sleep".

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